• This version implies a change in the way of using the EDAs.

  • All EDAs extend an abstract class so, all EDAs have the some outline and the same minimize function.

  • The cost function is now used only for the minimize function, so it is easier to be used.

  • The probabilistic models and initialization models are treated separately from the EDA implementations so the user is able to decide whether to use a probabilistic model or other in the EDAs custom implementation.

  • Th user is able to export and read the configuration of and EDA in order to re-use the same implementation in the future.

  • All the EDA implementations have their own name according to the state-of-the-art of EDAs.

  • More tests have been added.

  • Documentation has been redone.

  • Deprecation warning to TimeSeries selector. This class will be formatted. in following versions.

  • The structure in the package has been removed and also the names.

  • The implementation of EGAN with evidences has been removed to avoid having rpy2 as a dependency.


  • Time series transformations selection was added as a new functionality of the package.

  • Added a notebooks section to show some real use cases of EDAspy. (3 implementations)


  • Added tests


  • Fixed bugs.

  • Added documentation to readdocs.


  • First operative version 4 EDAs implemented.

  • univariate EDA discrete.

  • Univariate EDA continuous.

  • Multivariate continuous EDA with evidences

  • Multivariate continuous EDA with no evidences gaussian distribution.